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Know Your Grubs

White grubs are immature scarab beetles (for example, European chafers, Japanese beetles, and Oriental beetles). Although all grubs cause similar damage, the treatment you choose should correspond to the species. Homeowners can have their grubs identified at a local Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) office. Lawn care professionals should learn how to identify grubs and can consult with CCE staff for training. Knowing the species helps you pinpoint effective strategies that will work in your climate.

Got Grubs? Count to 10

How many grubs are too many? Research in upstate New York has shown that only 20 percent of home lawns and golf course fairways require treatment.

White Grub.
White Grub. By NYSAES Photo.
Japanese Beetle.
Japanese Beetle. By NYSAES Photo.

Scarab Beetle Pupa
Scarab Beetle Pupa. By NYSAES Photo.
European Chafer
European Chafer. By NYSAES Photo.

Watch our video to find out if your lawn needs treatment.