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outdoor space with tree, shrubs, patio, and chairs and tableNot much can be done to stop flying pests like flies, mosquitoes, and stinging insects from sharing your space. But you can reduce your risk by reducing the foods that attract them, or by using repellents in the case of mosquitoes. You’re sharing their habitat now so don’t be surprised when an ant or wasp stops by.

Click on the heading to visit the What's Bugging You? page for that pest. Click on the image to see an enlarged version of the image.

What Might I Find?


two black ants carrying a large insect on top of a wood deck
Carpenter ants. Photo: NYSIPM

Bees and Wasps

roundish papery nest with numerous insects flying around it attached to building overhang
Yellowjacket nest. Photo: NYSIPM


6 birds crowded into a nest built on the top of a window frame and under an overhang
Swallows. Photo: David Leip, flickr

Flies (non-biting)

A fly is standing on a green leaf. The fly has golden hairs on its thorax and a checkered pattern on its abdomen.
Green bottle fly. Photo: NYSIPM

Mice and Rats

gray mouse sitting on a gravel walkway
House mouse. Photo: NYSIPM

Moisture Pests

7 small, black, roundish insects on a white background
Springtails. Photo: NYSIPM, flickr



slightly out of focus image of very long-legged mosquito with white stripes on the leg
Asian tiger mosquito. Photo: NYSIPM


front half of biege snake with brown stripe down back on top of brown, dried leaves
Garter snake. Photo: NYSIPM


large spider with a beige head, black abdomen with yellow patch on the back and legs that fade from orange near the body to black near the tips on a black screen door
Yellow garden spider. Photo: NYSIPM


photo of cluttered attic with a gray squirrel looking out from under a board
Tree squirrel. Photo: NYSIPM