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outdoor space with tree and flowers growing in front of white picket fenceUnless your lawn and garden is sealed inside a dome (or maybe a holographic image), we hope you’ve learned to enjoy the insects, birds, rodents and mammals that share your space. That said, there are ways to reduce problem interactions.

Click on the heading to visit the What's Bugging You? page for that pest. Click on the image to see an enlarged version of the image.

What Might I Find?


Circular, volcano-like mound of sand on top of dirt alongside a lawn edge
Ant mound. Photo: NYSIPM

Bees and Wasps

a black and yellow wasp with reddish wings and red eyes sitting on a rock
Cicada killer wasp. Photo: NYSIPM


red-winged blackbird sitting on branch
Red-winged blackbird. Photo: NYSIPM


white-tailed deer mother and fawn touching faces
Doe and fawn. Photo: NYSIPM

Flies (non-biting)

large, long fly with long legs and wings outstretched
Crane fly. Photo: NYSIPM

Spongy Moths (formerly gypsy moths)

brownish moth with black markings
Adult spongy moth.  Photo: NYSIPM


slightly out of focus image of very long-legged mosquito with white stripes on the leg
Asian tiger mosquito. Photo: NYSIPM


gray snake with black and white stripes within stone and short, green leaves
Northern water snake. Photo: NYSIPM











black and yellow spider on web with garden as a backdrop
Garden spider. Photo: NYSIPM

Spotted lanternflies

Four insects with pinkish wings and black spots on a tree trunk
Spotted lanternfly adults. Photo: NYSIPM


female blacklegged tick hanging onto vegetation with back three pairs of legs and waving front pair in front of it
Adult blacklegged tick. Photo: NYSIPM

White Grubs

C-shaped white grub laying on recently-dug soil
White grub. Photo: NYSIPM


chipmunk sitting up eating a seed on a gravel path
Chipmunk. Photo: NYSIPM