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cut-away view of kitchen containing sink, cupboards, stove, oven, refrigerator, and counter stoolsOne of our favorite places to gather also provides habitat for pest.  Stored and fresh food, heat, and moisture… and plenty of hiding spaces. Behind the scenes, utility lines for water, electric, and gas can be highways for pests. Inside, warm moist areas behind and under appliances, or inside cupboards and pantries make for cozy pest living.

Click on the heading to visit the What's Bugging You? page for that pest. Click on the image to see an enlarged version of the image.

What Might I Find?


numerous small ants on a plastic knife lying on a counter
Pavement ants. Photo: NYSIPM


one large and two small cockroaches stuck to a glueboard
German cockroaches. Photo: NYSIPM

Flies (non-biting)

Four fruit Flies on a pile of ripe tomatoes
Fruit flies. Photo: NYSIPM

Mice and Rats

brown mouse with white chin and stomach sitting up eating a piece of cheese against a brown background
Mouse. Photo: Chris Isherwood, flickr

Moisture Pests

7 small, black, roundish insects on a white background
Springtails. Photo: NYSIPM


Pantry Pests

brown and beige moth sitting on wood
Meal moth. Photo: NYSIPM