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cut-away view of a bedroom containing lamp, bed, and dresserThe bedroom might reign supreme as the room-most-likely to be cluttered. Admit it. Unfortunately, some pests love clutter, and, in the case of bed bugs, they thrive in it as well. Wherever you, your family, and your pets sleep, blood-feeding pests have a ready food source. Snacking or leaving used dishes around also encourages rodents and cockroaches.  

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What Might I Find?


black ant on biege tile
Ant. Photo: Homini:), flickr

Bed Bugs

photo of brownish-red insect next to a clear oval insect egg on a beige background
Bed bug. Photo: NYSIPM

Fabric Pests

Photo of an insect glue trap with several moths stuck on the glue. Some of the moths are tan, while others are gray with spots.
Clothes moths: Photo: NYSIPM

Fall Intruders

photo of brown, shield-shaped insect sitting on a glass windo
Brown marmorated stink bug. Photo: NYSIPM


Magnified picture of a flea against an orange/yellow background.
Cat flea. Photo: NSYIPM

Flies (non-biting)

A fly is standing on a green leaf. The fly has golden hairs on its thorax and a checkered pattern on its abdomen.
Cluster fly. Photo: NYSIPM

Mice and Rats

brown mouse with white chin and stomach sitting up eating a piece of cheese against a brown background
Mouse. Photo: Chris Isherwood, flickr



mosquito feeding on hairy arm
Northern house mosquito. Photo: Wayne W G., flickr


long-legged spider surrounded by webbing
Spider. Photo: Paul Sullivan, flickr