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cut-away view of a bathroom containing tub, toilet, sink and mirrorMoisture-loving pests are drawn to the beachy-vibes of your bathroom: heat and humidity, and all those waterlines leading the way. Plus water pipes and water tanks that ‘sweat’. Exhaust fans, air conditioners, or heating reduce bathroom humidity, but it remains. This makes the case for ensuring utility lines are properly sealed where they come through a wall. Exclusion is key.

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What Might I Find?


black ant on biege tile
Ant. Photo: Homini:), flickr


one large and two small cockroaches stuck to a glueboard
German cockroaches. Photo: NYSIPM

Moisture Pests

A grey silverfish adult
Silverfish. Photo: NYSIPM


white tiled wall with black mold streaks coming down from the ceiling
Mold. Photo: Andrew Ratto, flickr


long-legged biege spider on side of white bathtub
Spider. Photo: Lisa Brown, flickr