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cutaway view of an attic room containing storage boxes, old toys and furnitureAttics don’t offer a food resource to most pests, unless it’s a spider enjoying an abundance of insects, but attics are popular harborage for rodents, birds, and bats using that dry space for nesting. Attics often have a supply of nesting materials, and because attics need air flow, the gaps in soffits and along roof or exhaust vents can often provide entry. 

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What Might I Find?


brown bat with wings spread out on tree trunk
Little brown bat. Photo: J.N. Stuart, flickr.

Bees and Wasps

Wasp nest against brick wall and under a slanted wooden ceiling
Wasp nest. Photo: John Keogh, flickr


small brown bird peeking out from between detached soffit and house roof
House sparrow. Photo: NYSIPM

Fabric Pests

Closeup of a white caterpillar with a red head on a carpet made of red, blue, brown and maroon fibers.
Carpet moth larvae. Photo: NYSIPM

Fall Intruders

photo of three brown, shield-shaped insects clustered on a board
Brown marmorated stink bug. Photo: NYSIPM

Flies (non-biting)

A fly is standing on a green leaf. The fly has golden hairs on its thorax and a checkered pattern on its abdomen.
Cluster fly.  Photo: NYSIPM

Mice and Rats

A mouse standing on crushed stone with twigs and leaf debris scattered about.
House mouse. Photo: NYSIPM


biege, orange, and black striped snake
Eastern milk snake Photo: Laurie Dirk. 


A spider suspended in a web with an oval body and long, spindly legs.
Long-jawed cellar spider.  Photo: NYSIPM


photo of cluttered attic with a gray squirrel looking out from under a board
Tree squirrel. Photo: NYSIPM