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Pest Identification Key

for Household Pests in the Northeastern US

Have you ever wondered about the creepie-crawlies you may see in your home? Many of them are harmless, but others may infest your flour, chew your clothes, or even bite or sting you.

Identification is the first step in practicing IPM. If you can find out what your pest is, then you can learn how to manage it.

Follow these steps to identify your pest:

Collect Your Pest

  1. Carefully collect a specimen in a clear jar or plastic bag.
  2. Place the specimen in a freezer for several hours to one day.

Identify Your Pest with the Key

  1. On each page that follows, read both descriptions and click the text that best describes your pest.
  2. You've identified your pest when the description is followed by a NAME IN CAPS on a yellow background.
  3. Where possible, click on the photo of your pest to learn about its biology, prevention and control.

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