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Virtual presentations on practical solutions to pest problems

Are pests bugging you? We're here to help!

In this monthly virtual series, we'll explore timely topics to help you use integrated pest management (IPM) to avoid pest problems and promote a healthy environment where you live, work, learn and play. What is IPM? It's a wholistic approach that uses different tools and practices to not only reduce pest problems, but to also address the reasons why pests are there in the first place. Each month, our speakers will share practical information about how you can use IPM.

Events will happen on the first Friday of every month from 12:00 to 12:30 PM EST on Zoom. Below is the schedule of presentations from March 2021 to February 2022. Each month we’ll cover a timely topic in 25 minutes, including time for questions. Then, in an IPM Minute, we’ll cover a specific task you can perform in the next few days to help you avoid pest problems.

To register for these events and receive the Zoom links, Click Here.

Accessibility: Live captioning will be available for all events. You will have the opportunity to request additional accommodations when you register.

Feature Presentation IPM Minute Resources Date
Spotted lanternfly: a new invasive pest Introduction to First Friday Events Download March 5, 2021
Dealing with springtime ants Protect yourself against ticks Download April 2, 2021
Rolling out the red carpet for good bugs in your garden Scouting for spotted lanternfly egg masses Download May 7, 2021
A better lawn without pesticides Avoiding the sting: inspections to locate and remove wasp nests Download June 4, 2021
Finding and eliminating mosquitoes in your yard Hand-picking Japanese beetles from plants Download July 2, 2021
How to select a pesticide Yellowjacket trapping to catch aggressive wasps Download August 6, 2021
Keeping pests out of your home this fall, from stink bugs to mice Fruit flies - don't bother me! Download September 3, 2021
How to get rid of pantry moths Adult ticks are out for blood - how to avoid them Download October 1, 2021
Dealing with mice in your home What to do if stink bugs got inside? Download November 5, 2021
Avoid getting and spreading bed bugs Identifying sources of clothes moths Download December 3, 2021
Picking pest-resistant vegetable seeds Best practices for storing bird seed in the winter   January 7, 2022
Fungus gnats and indoor plants - what's the deal? Sanitation when starting garden seeds at home *new topic*   February 4, 2022





















Recordings of previous sessions are available at the What's Bugging You First Fridays playlist on YouTube.