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Biting Critters

Twitter post with picture of wrist with two red, raised bumps and the text "The Hoarse Whisperer @TheRealHoarse The swelling has forced me to conclude that it was not, in fact, a spider that bit me and was instead some kind of pit viper. Probably a fer de lance.  NJ is a bit north of their typical Central American range so I suspect it was somehow introduced to my home by my enemies."
Click photo to go to original tweet. Used with permission.

Skin reactions are pretty personal. Are those bed bug bites or an allergic reaction to new laundry detergent? A poison ivy rash can look exactly like a mosquito bite. The only way to tell what bit you is to see it biting you. You just can't tell by the reaction itself.

Some of these critters don't technically bite, but people say they do. So here is a list of piercing, pinching, stinging, sucking, and, yes, biting pests.


Bed Bugs

Bees and Wasps


Flies (biting)


Kissing Bugs



Mystery bites