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NYS IPM Fact Sheet Planning Questions

For fact sheets in the planning and development stage, asking – and answering – the questions below can save you time in the long run. Consider a) distributing these questions to co-authors and contributors; and b) holding a meeting to work through these questions.


  1. Who are the two most important audiences? How do we match the tone, vocabulary, reading level, and style to their needs?

  2. What is the purpose of our fact sheet? To raise awareness? Point to other resources? Change behavior? Call to action?

  3. How important is the pest? What percentage of stakeholders would want a copy of the fact sheet?

  4. Are there similar publications? If so, how will ours differ?

  5. What are the credits needed? (Specific credits and disclaimers)

  6. When is the final project due? Should we set other deadlines, such as for the first text draft and initial design? Creating a timetable or plan of work can help everyone on your team meet deadlines.

  7. Which resources, such as photographs or databases, might help us during all phases of the project?

  8. What is our budget? Typical line items include illustration; photography; scanning.

  9. How will we tell others about this fact sheet? (Share mailing lists, email lists, newsletters, websites, other)

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