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NYSIPM Seminar Series - Fall 2021

Seminars are once-a-month on Thursdays

11:30-12:10 Presentation
12:10-12:20 Q&A Session
12:20- 12:30 Virtual Meet and Greet for those with special interest in the topic
Date/Time Facilitator Speaker Name Seminar Title
September 16, 2021 Alejandro Calixto

Dan Olmstead, NYSIPM, Cornell University

Fostering the evolution of Digital IPM to meet changing needs of applied research and extension efforts | video
October 7, 2021 Bryan Brown Ellen Lake, USDA ARS Weeding around the edges of the science of invasive plant management: Biological control agent hybridization, biotic resistance, apparent competition, and restoration 
November 4, 2021 Alejandro Calixto Natalia Peres, University of Florida Tools for managing strawberry diseases: Strawberry Advisory System, UV and thermotherapy
December 9, 2021 Brian Eshenaur Eric Clifton Spotted Lanternfly Field Observations and Biocontrol Studies: learning about and leveraging entomopathogenic fungi and surveys for SLF egg masses in vineyards | video