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NYSIPM Academic Seminar Series, Spring 2021

NYSIPM at Cornell University is kicking off a new monthly seminar series to increase awareness of new research and techniques that advance IPM and its adoption in all types of pest management settings.

Seminars are once-a-month on Thursdays
Presentation: 11:30-12:10
Q&A: 12:10-12:20
Virtual Meet and Greet for those with special interest in the topic: 12:20- 12:30

Register Here.

Joe LaForest
Joe Laforest

Next up on April 8:

Joe LaForest, Southern IPM Center, University of Georgia
Digital resources to support implementation and adoption of IPM

The Regional IPM Centers were created to facilitate the flow of resources and information in integrated pest management on a regional basis.  The Southern IPM Center has many different digital products and services that aid this goal. While hosted in the south, they are available for use in all other regions including the Northeast. This seminar will explore the available resources for pest reporting, organizing digital content, and enabling effective communication with stakeholders. It will also highlight programs currently utilizing these tools and how others may participate.

Spring 2021 Schedule

Date/Time Facilitator Speaker Name Seminar Title
February 18, 2021 Marion Zuefle Jennifer Thaler and Nicholas Aflitto, Cornell University Fear as a Biological Control? How Scaring Farm and Garden Pests Could Lessen Plant Damage
March 18, 2021 Bryan Brown Cerruti RR Hooks, University of Maryland A Fortuitous Partnership: The Tale of a Winter Cover Crop and Strip Tiller Crusade Against Pests
April 8, 2021 Dan Olmstead Joe LaForest, University of Georgia Digital Resources to Support Implementation and Adoption of IPM
May 6, 2021 Alejandro Calixto Karen Vail, University of Tennessee Managing Ants in Urban Environments