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School IPM Conference, Fred Koelbel

Fred Koelbel has been a Director of Facilities for over 23 years serving first the West Islip UFSD and now the Port Jefferson UFSD. During his career he has implemented IPM programs, online work order systems, environmentally preferable cleaning programs, and organic turf maintenance programs. He has received over $700,000 in competitive Energy Grants that reduced overall energy consumption by 30% and resulted in EPA’s Energy Star certification for all District Schools. He received a Water Quality Improvement Grant that created a Green Roof Demonstration project. He is a former Chairman of the School Facilities Management Institute, a Past President of the NYS School Facilities Association, and serves as their Legislative Director. He was the Facility Manager’s representative to the Stakeholders Committee assisting in the revision of Green Seal’s Environmental Standard for Institutional and Industrial Cleaners, GS-37. He is a member of NYS School IPM Council. He has made numerous presentations to county commissions, legislative committees, NYCOSS and NYSUT. He is a recipient of the NYSSFA President’s Award.