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Lynn Braband

Lynn Braband

Community IPM Educator

NYS IPM Program, 2449 St. Paul Blvd., Rochester, NY 14617
(585) 753-2562

Area of Work

Lynn has major responsibilities in assisting New York State schools and municipalities in the implementation of IPM. Activities have included organizing school IPM implementation workshops throughout the state, surveying schools on the status of their pest management programs, and conducting IPM demonstration projects at schools. Recent projects have included addressing nuisance geese on athletic fields, efficacy testing of yellowjacket container traps, and wildlife damage management outreach such as the revision of the publication Beasts Begone.


  • M. S., Wildlife Biology, Iowa State University
  • B. S., Fisheries & Wildlife Biology, Iowa State University
  • 2-page CV 

Read a recent fact sheet about nuisance geese, Geese on School Grounds.