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J. Keith Waldron

Keith Waldron

Retired Livestock and Field Crops Coordinator

New York State Integrated Pest Management Program, Cornell University, New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, 630 W. North Street, Geneva, NY 14456


  • M.S., Plant Pathology, North Carolina State University, 1978
  • B.S., Botany - Zoology, Butler University, 1973
  • IPM Coordinator for Field Operations, University of Wyoming Agricultural Extension Service, Laramie, WY 1982-1985.
  • Research technician, Department of Plant Pathology, NCSU 1980-1982.


  • Responsible for statewide: facilitation, development, coordination and implementation of livestock and field crops IPM programs; address needs associated with cooperative extension program planning and impact documentation, evaluation of pest management concepts and techniques, collaborate and conduct applied research to fill IPM areas of need, develop IPM educational programs, materials and reports; consult and coordinate with IPM advisory committees, extension personnel and end-users to facilitate adoption of IPM methods for dairy, poultry, other livestock, and field and forage crops. Formulate grant and funding proposals with agencies, organizations, and faculty and extension personnel to address educational needs.
  • As coordinator, support the director in determining program direction, tracking research and extension projects, and coordinating IPM efforts throughout the state.
  • As team leader, currently supervise Area LFC/IPM Extension educator(s).
  • NYS IPM Program Department Extension Leader.

Current/Ongoing Projects

  • Expanding Livestock Integrated Pest Management in the Northeast: An IPM Training Opportunity for the Northeast US Animal Agriculture Industry (Collaboration with P. Kaufman, Cornell University Department of Entomology)
  • Development and Implementation of a Cost Effective, Integrated Pasture Fly Management Program for the Eastern US. (Collaboration with D. Rutz1, P. Kaufman1, W. Watson2, 1Cornell University Department of Entomology, 2NCSU Department of Entomology)
  • Development of IPM Elements for Key Crops in New York State (collaboration with Julie Carroll, Jana Lamboy and Curt Petzoldt, NYS IPM Program)
  • Reducing Potato leafhopper (PLH) Impacts through PLH-resistant Cultivars Intercropped with Perennial Forage Grass. (Collaboration with J. Hansen1, D. Viands1, D. Calvin2, M. Hall2) (1Cornell University Department of Plant Breeding, 2Penn State University Department of Entomology and Crop Science respectively)
  • Evaluation of economic injury level, biological control, and host plant resistance for soybean aphid in NY (Collaboration with J. Losey, A. Hajek, and L. Allee, Department of Entomology)
  • Development of an on-farm soybean IPM education program (Collaboration with
  • J. Stavisky and K. Wise, NYS IPM Program)
  • Facilitating Livestock and Field Crop IPM Research and Extension Priority Setting for the Northeast. (Collaboration with D. Calvin (Penn State University, Department of Entomology and the NE Pest Management Center Livestock and Field Crop Commodity Working Group)
  • Development of Alternative Darkling Beetle Management Strategies for Poultry Producers in the Northeast (Collaboration with Don Rutz1, Phil Kaufman1and Kathy Murray2(1Cornell Dept. Entomology, 2Maine State Dept of Agriculture)
  • Development of an On-line version of the Cornell Guide for Integrated Field Crop Management ( Collaboration with Raj Smith1, Russell Hahn2, Pam Kline2(1Cornell Distribution Center, 1Dept. Crop and Soil Science)
  • Developing series of IPM / ICM topic information brochures. Collaboration with Ken Wise, Julie Stavisky, and Mary Woodsen. (NYS IPM Program)
  • Provide LFC IPM information and training to clientele through written, verbal, electronic media.

Accomplishments (Past Five Years)

  • Extension publications including contributions to Cornell Guide to Integrated Field Crop Management (hard copy and web versions), Livestock IPM factsheets and Fly IPM educational video, NYS IPM Weekly Field Crop Pest Report, contributions to Crop and Soil Science newsletter What’s Cropping Up?, Northeast IPM training modules, Pocket Guide to Field Corn IPM in Northeast, Your Pocket Guide to Alfalfa and Field Corn Management.
  • Collaboration on number of research papers including IPM topics ranging from cultivation and weed management, to biological control of house flies, to use of transgenic crops to minimize impacts of European corn borer, use of host resistance to minimize impacts of potato leafhopper on alfalfa, pest and pesticide use assessment in poultry and dairy production.
  • Provide IPM education to Cornell Cooperative Extension, Certified Crop Advisors, agricultural industries, growers, and others.
  • IPM technical support to whole farm planning and water quality protection projects such as USDA-NRCS EQIP.
  • Identification of Northeast Region Livestock and Field Crop Research and Extension IPM priorities (


  • Northeastern Pest Management Center, Livestock, Field and Forage IPM Commodity Working Group, Co-Chair, May 2001 to present
  • Livestock Insect Workers Conference, National Working Group, Extension Representative, June 2000 to present, Planning Committee 2004
  • American Phytopathological Society (APS), Extension Committee - Chair
  • 1991 - 1992, National APS Meeting Planning Committee - 1992, Integrated
  • Pest Management Committee - Chair 1989 - 1990, National APS Meeting
  • Planning Committee - 1990, IPM Committee 1985 - 1991, Member 1978 to present.
  • Entomological Society of America (ESA) December 2000 to present


  • Environmental Quality Award, presented to the NYS IPM Program by the US Environmental Protection Agency, 2002
  • New York State Association of County Agricultural Agents (NYSACAA) Outstanding New Extension Publication Award 1997, shared with numerous contributors. Cornell Recommends for Integrated Field Crop Management
  • NYSACAA Outstanding New Extension Publication Award 1995 shared with numerous contributors. NYS Certified Crop Advisor Training Manual.
  • NYSACAA Outstanding New Extension Publication Award 1994 shared with IPM Co-authors. Alfalfa and Field Corn Management Pocket Guide.
  • Gamma Sigma Delta Agricultural Honorary
  • Epsilon Sigma Phi National Extension Fraternity