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Long Islanders love a good lawn! We really do.

Suburban lawn at dusk as seen from ground level

Our Land, Our Water is a campaign devoted to helping Long Islanders create and manage top-notch lawns and landscapes in ways that respect the environment. We bring you state-of-the-art strategies, Pro Tips and plant recommendations that make it easy to create and manage a low-input, low-maintenance yard that actually BENEFITS the environment!

Whether you are devoted to golf course perfection or you prefer the imperfect, everyone can learn a new trick for a healthy lawn. And while it’s not rocket science, there’s a bit of technique for success.

Ask the Experts

Want to know the best time of year to fertilize the lawn? Why your arborvitaes look terrible? How, and more importantly why, to remove that crazy honeysuckle on the fence? This advice is for you.

Our Land, Our Water is a Long Island-focused outreach campaign run by turfgrass experts, ecologists, bug nerds and gardeners! We love our diverse and healthy landscapes, too. We are here to help. Reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and our IPM Image Gallery on Flickr to get ideas for healthy and beautiful lawns, gardens and landscapes.  

Our Water

Did you know Long Island’s drinking water comes from sources underground? Rainwater that refreshes those sources also carries pollutants we put on the ground down into the water we drink. But we can protect our water by adopting better landscaping techniques.

Long Island’s Aquifers, explained:

Although pesticides and fertilizers are only two types of contaminants among many, measurable levels of lawn chemicals are consistently found in Long Island’s municipal wells. And although much of Long Island’s drinking water is filtered, it can cost millions of taxpayer dollars to remove chemicals and deliver clean safe water.