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Spotted Lanternfly Range in the U.S.

The spotted lanternfly is a planthopper native to China and Southeastern Asia. That first infestation was found in Berks County, Pennsylvania, in 2014. Despite a quarantine of the townships involved, and efforts to eradicate this pest, spotted lanternfly has proved difficult to contain and now includes infestations and sightings in several states.

Confirmed Spotted Lanternfly Locations

A map Spotted Lanternfly Reported Distribution in the United States by county. Identifies areas of infestation, quarantined areas, and individual verified sightings.

This map is provided so the distribution of the Spotted Lanternfly can be viewed on a regional basis. The county records are based on information supplied to us by individual states’ regulatory agencies.  This map is for informational purposes only. Please contact state officials directly when making policy decisions. This is a county-based map so although the map shows entire counties shaded, the actual infestation may only encompass a small portion of that county.

Every effort is made to keep this map up-to-date. If you have any questions regarding the map and new populations, please contact Brian Eshenaur at For any other questions or concerns regarding the Spotted Lanternfly, you are welcome to write to

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