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We help you learn lower-risk ways of dealing with pests—be they insects, weeds, or plant diseases. Our publications guide you through identifying and scouting for pests, using thresholds, growing degree-days, beneficial organisms, and other IPM techniques—to finding the best pest management for your situation. Whether you’re in charge of hundreds of acres of grounds and greens, or simply your own backyard, help is just a mouse-click away.

Black-legged Tick TickClick App: TickClick is a comprehensive, educational application designed to help you identify ticks, have a safe plan of action should you be bitten by a tick, assess disease risk if bitten, and prevent tick bites altogether. Available at iTunes for Apple Products, and Google Play for Android Products.
Alternatives to Ornamental Invasive Plants: A Sustainable Solution for New York State: Invasive species are among the top causes of biodiversity loss across the globe. New York is one of many states throughout the U.S. now taking steps toward improving our environment by slowing the spread of invasive plants. Horticulturalists and gardeners can be part of the solution by growing and planting alternatives to ornamental invasive plants.
Weeding Dandelion Turfgrass and Landscape Weed ID: Designed for users to select among various plant traits for identifying features in order to narrow down a search.
Lawn Care Lawn Care, The Easiest Steps to An Attractive Environmental Asset: Featuring expertise from the Cornell University Turfgrass research team. Seven short how-to videos and photo galleries plus iterative images and concise directions make understanding the steps to cultivating a healthy lawn quick and easy.
Wasp and Bee Management Wasp and Bee Management: Using illustrations and few words, these fact sheets show how to prevent bed bugs from entering your home, and what to do if they are there already.
Kudzu vines Lessons Learned from Six Years of Kudzu Research (9Mb pdf file)
2015-2016 Cornell Guide for Commercial Turfgrass Management: For landscapers, sod farmers, turfgrass managers, pesticide dealers, or consultants, the latest in practical turf-care information.
Cornell Guide for Trees and Shrubs 2016 Cornell Pest Management Guide for Commercial Production and Maintenance of Trees and Shrubs: A practical guide for tree and shrub producers, landscapers, pesticide dealers, and others who advise those producing or maintaining trees and shrubs.
NYS IPM Tick YouTube Playlist NYS IPM YouTube Playlist for Ticks: Protect yourself from ticks and the diseases they carry.
NYS IPM Turfgrass YouTube Playlist NYS IPM YouTube Playlist for Turfgrass: How to deal with white grubs, armyworms and MORE.
Lawn Care Without Pesticides Lawn Care Without Pesticides: How to keep your grass healthy so that you can reduce or eliminate the need for lawn chemicals.
TracTurfgrass Trac Software for Turfgrass: Four customized record-keeping and reporting software programs for the turfgrass industry: TracGolf, TracGrounds, TracSod, and TracLawn.
Risk Reduction for Turfgrass image Risk Reduction for Turfgrass: Manuals and professional papers on reducing the risks of pesticides on golf course turfgrass.
Environmental Impact Quotient EIQ: the Environmental Impact Quotient, a tool to calculate the environmental impact of pesticides.
microscope Diagnostic Resources: