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Weed IPM

Weed IPM uses a diversity of tactics to control weeds species based on their biology, while minimizing risks to human and environmental health. Our Integrated Weed Management Specialist Bryan Brown has been involved with most of the following educational resources.

wooden plaque with the words, "Into the Weeds" spelled out in twigs

Into the Weeds

Bored while driving the tractor? Check out our new podcast, "Into the Weeds (New York State IPM)." Available on most podcast sites, including Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Bryan Brown examines a weed in a field.

Species ID

Cornell Weed Identification: Agricultural Weed ID for New York State

Turf and Landscape Weed ID

Which Bindweed Am I Looking At? A Quick ID Guide for Three Common Species

Horseweed vs Goldenrod

Waterhemp Herbicide Resistance Tests: Preliminary results

Long view of vegetable rows in a field. Half the between-rows is mulched, the other half left bare.


Cornell Weed Ecology and Management Lab

Cornell Sustainable Cropping Systems Lab

Manage Weeds with Tarping

Comparing Solarization & Occultation

Keys to Cover Crop Success

Close-up of bean plants in a field, with cultivating tines on either side of the plants.

Mechanical Weed Control

Analysis of Slow-Motion Cultivation Footage

Summary of Stacked Cultivation Trials in New York

Stacked Cultivation Trials, 2018 video

Integrating Cultivation into Weed Management video

Weed Zapper Demo 2019 video

Highlights from the Northeast Mechanical Weed Control Expo

A hand gestures next to a pile of bright red beets. All the beets have been split down the middle, from root to shoot, exposing the cut halves.

Management by Crop

Organic Squash Systems Comparison

Controlling herbicide resistant waterhemp in soybeans: 2020 Trials

Effective Waterhemp Control Programs and Compatibility with Interseeding in Corn

Weeding Tips for Organic Gardens and Small Farms

Improving Control of Hedge Bindweed in Grapes: Preliminary Results

Field Bindweed Control Programs for New York Grape Production

Alternative Weed Management Techniques for Greenhouse and Nursery Production

Weed Management in Strawberries: an IPM Approach video

Creating Habitat for Beneficial Insects: Time, Money, and Weeds