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Section 26.5.8: Stewart’s Wilt

Erwinia stewartii (Syn. Pantoea stewartii)

Time of concern: From emergence through harvest
Key characteristics: Yellow to brown stripes or streaks with wavy or irregular margins on leaves signal Stewart’s wilt. The Stewart’s wilt bacteria overwinter in corn flea beetles. For management options, see Section 26.6.1, Corn Flea Beetle.

Stewart's Disease of Corn

Management Option


See Section 26.6.1, Corn Flea Beetle.
Winter temperatures can be used to forecast Stewart’s wilt risk. See NEWA's Sweet Corn Stewart's Wilt Map.
Resistant varieties Tolerant varieties are available.
Seed selection/treatment See Section 26.6.1, Corn Flea Beetle.
Crop rotation, Post-harvest, and Sanitation These are not currently viable management options.
Pesticides Cornell Integrated Crop and Pest Management Guidelines for Commercial Vegetable Production