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Section 26.5.6: Seed Rots

Caused by Fusarium spp., Diplodia spp., Pythium spp., and other fungi

Time for concern: Seed
Key characteristics: Seed rots cause pre- and postemergence damping-off and poor stand establishment. 

Management Option Guideline

No thresholds have been established

Fresh Market Sweet Corn IPM Scouting Procedures

Resistant varieties No resistant varieties are available.
Note(s) The only available seed treatments must be applied before seed purchase.
Site selection

Avoid fields with poor, soil-moisture drainage.

Seed selection/treatment Use seed treated with appropriate fungicides for the widest range of diseases.
Crop rotation,
Postharvest, and
These are not currently viable management options.
Pesticides(s) No pesticides are available to manage seed rots.