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Nematode Nematodes: Nice, Not Naughty: As part of a NY Farm Viability Grant, John Sanderson has been evaluating nematode species used to manage fungus gnats and thrips in ornamental crops. In this webinar, he covers background on nematodes, how to apply them, and how to make sure they work. YouTube Webinar | PDF

Greenhouse and High Tunnel Vegetable IPM: As part of a NE-SARE grant on creating an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan for vegetable production in greenhouses and high tunnels, we held a series of webinars, which are archived here.  Additional resources will be linked here as they become available.

greenhouse scout app Pocket IPM Greenhouse Scout Mobile App: No more carrying a clipboard through the greenhouse; now your smart phone or tablet puts everything you need to know in the palm of your hand.
bumblebee in white clover The Pollinators Page: Growers and consumers are trying to understand pollinator issues and how they affect production or buying practices. This page has links to recorded seminars and links to additional information on the ornamentals-pollinators relationship.

Quick Greenhouse References for NY Growers: Contact information of people who can answer your questions; educational events; online resources; mobile & web apps; and trial gardens in or near NY state.


Greenhouse Pesticide Resistance Webinars: Pesticide resistance can lead to over-use of pesticides, as well as a reduction in yields and crop quality due to poor pest control. This interactive webinar series provides greenhouse growers with information to manage pesticide resistance.

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Videos for Greenhouse, Christmas Trees, Nursery & Sod Production IPM: Helpful videos on ornamentals topics.

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Elements of IPM for Ornamental Crops in NY State: This set of basic IPM elements assists growers and crop consultants in implementing an IPM approach for ornamental crops grown in New York.


Alternatives to Ornamental Invasive Plants: Help make the future of New York greener by growing the “native-friendly” plants suggested here instead of invasive species.

cornell guides

Cornell Guide For The Integrated Management Of Greenhouse Crops And Herbaceous Ornamentals: Management information for common insect, disease, and weed pests.

microscope Diagnostic Resources:
Environmental Impact Quotient EIQ: the Environmental Impact Quotient, a tool to calculate the environmental impact of pesticides.