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One useful tool for integrated pest management of landscape plants is the use of species or varieties that have genetic resistance to insects or diseases.  Resistant cultivars may not be immune to the pest but can handle a higher level without showing damage or dying.  

We have reviewed the recent literature for resources on resistance in ornamental species and have created these chapters based on the information we found. We know that new cultivars and research information are constantly being created and that these documents will need to be updated over time.  Each chapter is dated by year created or updated.  We hope to add more woody and herbaceous species as time goes on.

Evaluation of level of resistance may vary with intensity of attack, other environmental factors, or which varieties were compared.  You can see in the tables that not all sources agree on the level of resistance for a species or cultivar.  

  1. We have listed the level of resistance of species and varieties as it was labeled in the original source.
  2. We have not evaluated the methods of testing resistance or compared them between sources.
  3. We have followed the Latin nomenclature and cultivar names from the sources, noting alternative names if we find them.

Sources are cited at the end of each chapter so readers can find methods and other information as desired.