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Branching Out Newsletter

Branching Out: A newsletter from the Plant Pathology department at Cornell University; it gives timely information on what pests are emerging, and Growing Degree Days for different areas.

NEWA logo, a blue water drop and a green leaf

NEWA: Weather stations, primarily located on farms, deliver data to the NEWA website, which automatically calculates and displays weather data summaries, crop production tools, and IPM forecasts.

bumblebee in white clover

The Pollinators Page: Growers and consumers are trying to understand pollinator issues and how they affect production or buying practices. This page has links to recorded seminars and links to additional information on the ornamentals-pollinators relationship.

CCE Horticulture

CCE Sustainable Landscapes - Horticulture PWT: videos in support of sustainable landscapes.

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YouTube Playlist for Greenhouse, Christmas Trees, Nursery & Sod Production IPM: Helpful videos on ornamentals topics.

Abies fraseri foliage

Elements of IPM for Christmas Trees in NY State: This set of basic IPM elements assists growers and crop consultants in implementing an IPM approach for Christmas trees grown in New York.

cornell guides

Cornell Guide For Commercial Production and Maintenance of Trees and Shrubs: Management information for common insect, disease, and weed pests.

microscope Diagnostic Resources:

Environmental Impact Quotient

EIQ: the Environmental Impact Quotient, a tool to calculate the environmental impact of pesticides.