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cornell guides Cornell Guide for Integrated Field Crop Management: Management information for common insect, disease, and weed pests.
microscope Diagnostic Resources for Field Crops:
Environmental Impact Quotient EIQ: the Environmental Impact Quotient, a tool to calculate the environmental impact of pesticides.
Field Crops IPM Elements: A checklist of IPM practices for field crops growers in New York State. Practitioners can use this document to track their IPM implementation and accrue points to assess their level of adoption of IPM practices.
NEWA: Weather stations, primarily located on farms, deliver data to the NEWA website, which automatically calculates and displays weather data summaries, crop production tools, and IPM forecasts.
Western Bean Cutworm larva Western Bean Cutworm ID Card: See all the identifying characteristics of this pest.
Western Bean Cutworm adullt Western Bean Cutworm Look-Alikes: Many other moths look like the western bean cutworm. Learn how to tell them apart.
Field Crops Scouting Information: Scouting Calendars and Scouting Procedures for Alfalfa, Field Corn, and Wheat
TAg: Tactical Agriculture brings groups of farmers, agribusiness, and extension personnel together to teach, apply, and evaluate Integrated Crop Management (ICM) and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) philosophy, techniques, and practices to the ever-changing conditions on the farm.
Field Crops videos Videos for Field Crops IPM: Helpful videos on Field Crops topics.
Weed Management Videos Videos for Weed Management