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Trac Tips

Some helpful tips on using Trac software.

Do not delete! Never delete entire cells, rows, or columns because this will cause permanent damage to the software. If possible, immediately “undo” the deletion with Ctrl Z or “Undo” in the Edit menu. See Trac Tip below.
Clear contents, don’t delete. Deleting physically removes the cell, row, or column causing permanent damage to the software. Trac sheets are protected to prevent this from happening. The delete key on the keyboard is probably the best way to clear contents (you can also right click on the cell or cells you want to clear and click on “clear content”).
Light-blue cells Don’t clear contents of the light-blue-shaded cells. Clear contents of the white cells and all the related entries in the light-blue-shaded cells also clear.
Comment boxes Read helpful tips in comment boxes by moving the cursor over the red triangle in the top right corner of some of the Trac column heading cells.
Drop-down lists Access drop-down lists by clicking on the down arrow located directly to the right of the cell. Click on desired item in the list to select and enter.
Type in a cell with drop-down list Type data into a cell with a drop-down list if the drop-down list does not contain the information you want to enter.
Faster data entry – tank mixes To make data entry easier, for such things as tank mixes or harvested blocks, to repeat large sets of data use Excel’s fill in shortcuts as described under Excel Shortcuts, page 7 of the manual. Don’t copy and paste data in the light-blue cells.
Unprotect sheets Data entry sheets (NameAddress, SiteLists, HarvestData, FertData, SprayData) are protected to limit what can be done to them. Individual sheets can be unprotected using Tools, Protection, Unprotect. Protect the sheet again, after Unprotect, to prevent inadvertent damage to the Trac software sheet. See the top two Trac Tips.
Password Protect Report sheets, the ChemTable sheet, and the EPA Central Posting Form sheet are password protected and cannot be unprotected.
EPA WPS Central Posting Form When applying a tank mix on the same day, the re-entry time and date for each material in the mix will be calculated and displayed on the EPA Central Posting Form sheet. To Print: Select the rows you want to print, and hit the Print Button on the form. The latest REI among the selected applications will calculate and post in a box at top of form.
Sorting Data Sorting data on the SprayData sheet will sort the information on the Processor Report forms, including the EPA Central Posting Form.