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Excel Shortcuts

Excel contains several features that help enter or select data quickly and efficiently. Below are a few suggestions.

Select a range of cells Click on the corner cell in the range to be selected, scroll to the opposite corner and hold the Shift key down while clicking on the cell in the opposite corner to select the range.
Fill in with “Ctrl D” Enter data in a cell. Select that cell and the cells below where the same data is to be copied. Press and hold the Ctrl key down while pressing D. Cells fill with the same data.
Fill in with “Ctrl Enter” To enter the same data in several cells, select all the cells first. Type your data in the first cell (it will not be highlighted). Press and hold the Ctrl key while pressing Enter. Cells fill with the same data.
Drag to AutoFill Fills cells with the same or sequential information. Select cell with data, place cursor on the lower right hand corner of the cell until the black cross appears (the fill handle), click, hold, drag and let go.  Cells will fill with same or sequential information.
Undo with “Ctrl Z” If an error is made or something unwanted was done, “undo” it. Press and hold the Ctrl key down while pressing Z.
AutoComplete Excel automatically inserts data in a cell that begins the same as a previous entry in the column. Example: If “Sunny and calm” has been typed in a cell, Excel will complete “Sunny and calm” as soon as you begin to type this in the next cell in that column. Press Enter to accept the AutoComplete word(s).
Help in Excel Access it by clicking on Help on the main menu.
Some Microsoft websites to visit for help
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