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Keep records up-to-date, generate reports, analyze pest management strategies and improve IPM practice with Trac software. Instead of filling out several forms for different reports, enter the record once in Trac software. Trac creates reports for you, plus an EPA Worker Protection Standard (WPS) Central Posting form.

Trac Software Licensing

Trac Software is handled through the Center for Technology Licensing (CTL). Find out how to obtain Trac Software at the Center for Technology Licensing: Trac Software License.

Trac Software is now longer-lasting

Trac now has an open ChemTable (no password). This means the software never goes out-of-date, because you update the ChemTable.  Complete instructions on how to do this are included in the Trac Software Manual and in the software itself, along with a sample ChemTable.

Trac users — Find answers to questions on the FAQs web page.

Trac software requires:

Trac has useful web links. With Trac it is easy to create reports and records using the many features of Excel!

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