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NEWA NEWA: Weather stations, primarily located on farms, deliver data to the NEWA website, which automatically calculates and displays weather data summaries, crop production tools, and IPM forecasts.
Apple IPM for Beginners: Simplified factsheets and scouting guides make integrated pest management easier for beginners.
microscope Analytical and Diagnostic Labs:
Diagnostic Key Berry Diagnostic Tool
Elements of IPM for Fruit NYS IPM Fact Sheets for Fruit: General information for pests of fruit, including identification, biology, damage, and control methods.
Cornell Crop and Pest Management Guidelines Cornell Pest Management Guidelines:
  • Tree Fruit
  • Grapes
  • Berry Crops
  • Hops
Environmental Impact Quotient EIQ: the Environmental Impact Quotient, a tool to calculate the environmental impact of pesticides.
Trac Software for Fruit Trac Software for Fruit: Keep records up-to-date, generate reports, analyze pest management strategies and improve IPM practice with Trac software.
bumblebee in white clover The Pollinators Page: This page has links to information on pollinators.
fact sheet Elements of IPM for Fruit in New York State: This set of basic IPM elements assists growers and crop consultants in implementing an IPM approach for fruit crops grown in New York.
Field Guide Field Guides:


Videos for TreeFruit IPM

Videos for Grape IPM

Videos for Berry IPM

Videos for Weed Management

Limiting Bird Damage in Fruit: A Vertebrate Damage Management Workshop