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Statewide Fruit Extension

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Juliet Carroll, Fruit IPM Coordinator

Commodity: Tree Fruit, Grapes and Berry Crops
Expertise: IPM
Office: NYS IPM Program
Address: 630 W. North St., Geneva, NY 14456
Phone: 315-787-2430
Fax: 315-787-2360
websites: Fruit IPM, Trac Software, NEWA, Cornell Fruit Resources

Timothy Weigle, Grape IPM Area Educator

Commodity: Grapes and Hops
Expertise: IPM
Office: Cornell Lake Erie Research & Extension Lab (CLEREL)
Address: 6592 West Main Rd., Portland, NY 14769
Phone: 716-792-2800 ext. 203
Fax: 716-792-2805
websites: Grape IPM, Lake Erie Regional Grape Program

Timothy Martinson, Viticulture Extension Coordinator

Commodity: Grapes
Expertise: Viticulture
Office: Horticultural Sciences
Address: 630 W. North St., Geneva, NY 14456
Phone: 315-787-2448
Fax: 315-787-2216
website: Cornell Fruit Resources - Grapes