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This IPM school was presented in January 2020 at the Empire Producer’s Expo, OnCenter Syracuse, NY. By popular demand, the workshop presentations and materials are provided below.

Apple IPM Intensive Workshop Sections

Workshop Presenters and Organizers

Art Agnello, Professor, Tree Fruit Entomology, Entomology, Cornell AgriTech
Michael Basedow, Extension Associate, Tree Fruit Specialist, Eastern NY Commercial Horticulture Program, Cornell Cooperative Extension
Juliet Carroll, Senior Extension Associate, Fruit IPM Coordinator, NYS IPM Program, Cornell Cooperative Extension
Kerik Cox, Associate Professor, Tree Fruit and Berry Pathology, Plant Pathology & Plant-Microbe Biology, Cornell AgriTech
Grace Marshall, NYS IPM Program, Cornell Cooperative Extension
Lynn Sosnoskie, Assistant Professor, Weed Ecology and Management for Specialty Crops, Horticulture, Cornell AgriTech
Janet van Zoeren, Extension Associate, Tree Fruit & Berry IPM Specialist, Lake Ontario Fruit Program, Cornell Cooperative Extension

Red gala apples on the tree, against a bright blue sky
Gala apples. Photo: NYSIPM