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IPM—integrated pest management—is your choice for solid science, sound solutions in dealing with pests. We promote safe, least-toxic solutions to both pest and pesticide problems.

First off, know your pests: it’s essential to IPM.  If you treat for the wrong pest, you waste time and money; perhaps even your crops . Abiotic problems can mimic pest damage too. Don’t spend money and time on treatments that don’t work or may damage your operation.

Relying too heavily on just one tactic makes for adaptable pests. Pests can become resistant to pesticides. The battle against pests costs money — which you should weigh against what you might lose from a pest. The balance point, or threshold, varies from situation to situation. This is where scouting, a cornerstone of IPM, kicks in. Meanwhile, maintaining tolerable levels of pests helps keep their natural enemies — the insects or diseases that prey on them — on location and working for you.