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About TracLawn

Copyright 2003 - 2014 Cornell University. All rights reserved. Developed by Juliet Carroll and Jennifer Grant, NYS IPM Program

TracLawn offers lawn care professionals easy-to-use spreadsheets that will make submitting the NYSDEC Applicator/Technician Pesticide Annual Report (Annual Report) much easier. Spreadsheets include lists of applicators, application equipment, customers, restricted purchases, and pesticide and fertilizer applications. This information is directly linked to the Annual Report and other required DEC forms.

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TracLawn allows you to personalize your Trac software to your specific needs. Enter your customers into this spreadsheet and the information will be available as drop-down lists on other Trac spreadsheets. It will also prepopulate many fields in the reports. For example, when you add the county name to the Customers worksheet, the correct county code will automatically be inserted into your Annual Report.

TracLawn’s ChemHelp worksheet comes with an extensive list of turfgrass products (product name, EPA registration number and active ingredients) to help you complete the ChemTable, a list of your chemical inventory, which not only helps you populate spray information, but also helps keep track of costs.

Good records enhance your IPM strategy and make your required reports easy to generate. The detailed collected information aids in more effective and efficient use of labor, pesticides and fertilizers, as well as tracking product re-entry times and your bottom line.

Four reports can be generated in TracLawn:

  • Applicator/Technician Pesticide Annual Report (Applicator Report-26)
  • List of Commercial Applicators and Technicians (Applicators-26a)
  • Record Keeping Information (Recordkeeping-26)
  • Pesticide Application Record Keeping Form for Private Applicators (PrivApp Record).