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Elba Onion Growers Photos

Elba Onion Growers
Elba Muck Donut Hour – a 20+ year tradition, is the “heart” of CVP onion programming. From left to right: Leo Starowitz Jr., CVP Onion Specialist, Christy Hoepting, Emma Long, Matt Mortellaro, Chuck Barie, Guy Smith and Max Torrey.  Photo: Dan Starowitz.
Brian Nault, Chuck Barie, Peter Smith, Emmaline Long, Matt Mortellaro, Jennifer Grant, and Christy Hoepting.
Elba muck onion growers received their awards for Excellence in Onion Integrated Pest Management from New York State IPM in a small roadside ceremony appropriately at Muck Donut Hour this week. Flanked by Brian Nault, Cornell Onion Entomologist on the left, and Christy Hoepting, Cornell Cooperative Extension Vegetable Program Onion Specialist on the right are award recipients, Chuck Barie (CY Farms), Peter Smith (filling in for award winner Guy Smith with Triple G Farms), Emmaline Long (CY Farms), Matt Mortellaro (G. Mortellaro & Sons), Jennifer Grant (Director of NYIPM) and Max Torrey, Torrey Farms.  Missing from photo was Mark Torrey. Photo: Sarah Vande Brake.