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2007 Excellence-in-IPM Award Winners

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Greenhouse good bugs lead to IPM award

Jul 22, 2008

One day when Dave Mischler was 21 and working in his father's business, Mischler's Florist, his three-year-old brother was playing in the greenhouse and got into an open gallon of pesticide. "He got it all over his new shoes," Mischler remembers. "He never had any ill effects, but it was a scary thing. I never liked pesticides very much." Read more

Seeing through a grower's eyes: Andy Muza receives Excellence in IPM Award

Mar 26, 2008

The grape berry moth looks harmless enough--but in fact, it is one of the most serious grape pests in New York and Pennsylvania. A single larva can ruin as many as a dozen grapes and leave the fruit vulnerable to rot and flies. They're hard to clear out of a vineyard, but they've met their match in Andy Muza, an extension educator with Penn State Cooperative Extension of Erie County. Read more

Soda pop to innovation earns sanitarian an Excellence-in-IPM award

Mar 19, 2008

A few summers ago, Peter Castronovo had his ah-ha! moment at his department picnic when he noticed yellow jackets clustering around discarded cups of orange soda. As senior sanitarian at the University of Rochester, he was plagued each September during peak yellow jacket season with a rash of patrons being stung at the annual Clothesline Festival, held on the grounds of the Memorial Art Gallery. Could orange soda cut down on the number of people seeking medical help for serious stings? Read more

Inventor wins IPM award for rugged farm weather stations

Feb 13, 2008

Inventor John Leggett’s closest tie to agriculture was the peas and tomatoes he grew behind his house—until 1991, that is, when John Gibbons, a researcher at Cornell University, called him for advice. Gibbons was using “hygrothermographs” to forecast if farmers needed to worry about devastating blights on their crops. Read more