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Mary Alyce Kobler and Brian Bell

NYS IPM 2000 Excellence-in-IPM Award Winners: Mary Alyce Kobler and Brian Bell

Research greenhouses have almost insurmountable pest control problems-but that didn't deter Mary Alyce Kobler, greenhouse manager for the Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research, from implementing IPM techniques. She established a model operation which became the focal point of Cornell's 1998 Greenhouse Pesticide Management Update. Brian Bell, IPM specialist at Boyce Thompson, has been instrumental in this process, helping to rear beneficial insects and educate the staff. He recently discovered a beetle that may prey on thrips, an important insect pest in greenhouses. Their efforts have changed the way pests are managed in both research and commercial greenhouses. Kobler and Bell lead workshops and serve on Cornell's Best Management Practices Implementation Team.

Mary Alyce Kobler and Brian Bell jointly received the "Excellence in IPM" Award for 2000 from the New York State IPM Program.