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Tim and Colleen Stanton

Tim StantonThe Stantons practice IPM on a family farm in Feura Bush, NY, that they have owned together for 11 years. They devote nearly 400 acres to production of hay and other field crops, small fruits, vegetables, and greenhouse plants.

Tim, who is in charge of most of the daily farm operations, uses rotation, resistant varieties, pest traps, conservation tillage, and a host of other IPM methods. He is willing to try new ideas and cooperates regularly with Extension faculty and staff affiliated with Cornell University. In recent years he has helped to develop the use of rye mulch for pumpkin production, tested powdery mildew-resistant pumpkins, participated in pumpkin variety trials, and hosted informational twilight meetings for growers. He has also conducted trials for reducing bird damage on sweet corn and has evaluated biological controls to combat sweet corn insects.

Colleen and her sister operate a seasonal farm stand, "Our Family's Harvest," in New Scotland, NY. This retail store is supplied with produce that is wholesaled from Stanton's Feura Farm, and Colleen speaks regularly with customers about how the food is grown. "I don't know how anybody couldn't get into IPM these days," says Colleen. "If you're not using IPM, you're probably throwing money away." Colleen regularly monitors with sticky cards in their two greenhouses.

With all of these activities and five boys, ages 9 and under, the Stantons probably don't know the meaning of "relax," but they haven't forgotten the meaning of service. Tim sits on the Capital District vegetable advisory committee, and the Stantons have donated thousands of pounds of surplus crops to the needy through the Gleaning and Food Recovery Program.