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1998 Excellence-in-IPM Award Winners

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Curt Petzoldt

Jun 1, 1999

Curtis Petzoldt, assistant director of the NYS IPM Program and vegetable IPM coordinator for the state, is rarely content with the status quo. With one foot in a cabbage field and the other in the future, he encourages practices that change the ways farmers and consumers do business. Read more

David Gadoury

Jun 1, 1999

The second winner to receive an IPM award is David M. Gadoury, senior research associate in the Department of Plant Pathology at Cornell University in Geneva, NY. Gadoury works on the biology and ecology of plant pathogens, and how this information can be used to better manage diseases of grapes and apples. Read more

Elizabeth Thomas

Jun 1, 1999

Thomas, a crop consultant since 1982, works with commercial apple growers in Wayne County whose farms range from 15 - 600 acres. One of her greatest contributions to the field of IPM has been interpreting and putting to use the information provided by Cornell. Read more

Frank Wiles

Jun 1, 1999

Visionary Frank Wiles will be honored at the NYS Berry Growers Meeting today for his achievements in integrated pest management. Wiles, former County Extension director and current executive director of the New York State Berry Growers Association, has a 30-year history of fostering IPM. Read more

Rich Wildman

Jun 1, 1999

Richard Wildman, president of Agricultural Consulting Services, Inc., might be considered a modern pioneer in the field of IPM. His business, begun in 1983, was one of the earliest private crop-consulting firms in the state. Read more

Tim and Colleen Stanton

Jun 1, 1999

The Stantons practice IPM on a family farm in Feura Bush, NY, that they have owned together for 11 years. They devote nearly 400 acres to production of hay and other field crops, small fruits, vegetables, and greenhouse plants. Read more