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Anthony Shelton

by Margaret Haining CowlesAnthony Shelton

Dr. Tony Shelton is an associate director of research and a professor of entomology at Cornell University. Tony has had an important influence in shaping the vegetable IPM Program in New York and IPM programs nationwide since the 1970s.

In the early days of IPM Tony developed and implemented scouting procedures and thresholds for important insect pests of crucifers, onions, and sweet corn-techniques for a total of nine insects.

His research on the management of insects has included investigations in the development of insect-resistant varieties, developing strategies for monitoring, managing insecticide resistance, conserving and enhancing natural enemies in the ecosystem, using pathogens for insect control, developing cultural practices to reduce insect pressure, and investigating strategies to enhance the adoption of IPM.

Tony has played an active role in teaching farmers how to make use of the research results and has spent considerable effort in modifying techniques to fit particular farm situations.