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Chuck Blood

by Margaret Haining Cowles

Chuck was one of the founding members and first chairman of the Central New York Crop Management Association. The association is a farmer/grower group that was organized to provide IPM and Integrated Crop Management services to producer members. The association employs one full-time manager and several part-time people. The organization was conceived and formed primarily through Chuck's efforts--many meetings, letters, and phone calls. His efforts led to the transformation of the Onondaga/Madison Scouting Program, sponsored by Cornell Cooperative Extension and the New York State IPM Program, into a viable, self-sustaining enterprise. Mr. Blood's energy and enthusiasm were critical to the successful formation and maintenance of this private-sector organization. The Central New York Crop Management Association continues to grow under the leadership of Mr. Blood and the other directors, providing services and consulting in 8 counties, on 34 farms covering over 13,000 acres.