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1996 Excellence-in-IPM Award Winners

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George Zerrillo

Jun 1, 1997

George operates a greenhouse complex in Central New York and has been committed to the development of IPM methods for nearly eight years. He has allowed IPM scientists and extension staff to test, evaluate, and demonstrate new pest management methods in his greenhouses, sometimes at some risk to his crops. Read more

Harvey Reissig

Jun 1, 1997

Harvey Reissig is a Cornell University professor of entomology who has helped to guide the statewide IPM program by serving on the IPM Operating Committee, which is responsible for establishing policy and setting future directions for the New York State IPM Program. Read more

Jim Misiti

Jun 1, 1997

Jim is a private consultant from western New York who primarily works with fruit producers. He may be the earliest adopter and developer of IPM strategies. Read more

John Deibel

Jun 1, 1997

John helped to pioneer the application of IPM methods to dairy and field crops in the early years of the IPM Program in his role as a Cooperative Extension agent. He was instrumental in forming the Western New York Crop Management Association, a private producer organization that provides crop and pest management services to its 130 members. Read more

MY-T Acres

Jun 1, 1997

MY-T Acres, Inc. is a large farm operation located in Genesee County and primarily operated by Peter, Phil, and Nate Call. My-T Acres has been one of the most consistent adopters of IPM practices. Read more

CCE Rockland County

Jun 1, 1997

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Rockland County is being recognized as an extension team led by Paul Trader, the current association director. Paul has been instrumental in conducting educational IPM programs for landscape and ornamental audiences in the lower Hudson Valley. Read more

Chuck Blood

Jun 1, 1997

Chuck was one of the founding members and first chairman of the Central New York Crop Management Association. The association is a farmer/grower group that was organized to provide IPM and Integrated Crop Management services to producer members. Read more

Comstock Michigan Fruit

Jun 1, 1997

Comstock Michigan Fruit, represented at the award ceremony by Tom Facer, Vice President of Agriculture, is a food company that processes many fruit and vegetable crops grown in New York. Nearly five years ago they evaluated IPM methods for processing sweet corn and adopted these methods for their operation, setting a standard for other companies and industries. Read more