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Who We Are

IPM Coordinators

Guided by their working groups, five IPM coordinators — for livestock and field crops, vegetables, fruits, ornamentals, and community — oversee the demonstration, evaluation, and validation of IPM practices. They head teams of IPM Extension area educators, serve their constituents on boards and councils, organize and lead training sessions, meetings, workshops, and symposia, advise our director, and track and integrate developments in science-based IPM for their commodity.

IPM Area Educators

Our educators serve large regions of the state as resource people for local Extension educators, keeping them current with new IPM knowledge, contributing material to local extension newsletters, and serving on advisory boards and committees. They also lead on-site demonstrations, training sessions, research, and workshops. At times they work with growers, pest management professionals, and community leaders eager to learn more about IPM.

College Faculty and Staff

Cornell University scientists from 14 departments on the Geneva and Ithaca campuses—as well as at Cornell laboratories in Long Island, the Hudson Valley, and the Lake Ontario and Erie fruit belts —develop, test, and fine-tune science-based IPM methods, practices, and recommendations.

Extension Educators

Extension educators and specialists in every county in New York play a critical role in helping local farmers, greenhouse and nursery growers, school staff, pest management professionals, community volunteers and leaders—and many more—practice sound, solid IPM.

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