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Community IPM Coordinating Council

Pest control managers and community activists, business owners and researchers, public servants and Extension educators — members of this Council play a critical role in building and maintaining thoughtful and sustained communication between our Community IPM Program and its many constituents.

Whether it’s advising us on strategic planning and critical issues, identifying both our strengths and weaknesses, or helping establish a sound awareness and understanding of what IPM means and how to use it among New Yorkers and beyond, the Council couldn’t matter more to us. Indeed, without them our Community IPM Program could never have become the regional and national leader it is.

CICC Members

  • Barbara Ahern, Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment
  • Geri Barish, Long Island Breast Cancer Coalition
  • Doug Bechtel, President & CEO, Audubon International
  • Valerie Belding, NYS DEC
  • Gil Bloom, President, Standard Pest Management, New York State Pest Mgmt Assoc
  • Lynn Braband, Community IPM Educator, NYS IPM Program
  • Caroline Bragdon, MPH, Bureau of Envir Surveillance & Policy, NYC Depart of Health & Mental Hygiene
  • Laurie Broccolo, Broccolo Tree & Lawn Care
  • Peter Castronovo, Senior Sanitarian, Univ. of Rochester, Environmental Health & Safety
  • Kaycee Cole, Research Scientist I, New York State Department of Health, Bureau of Toxic Substance Assessment
  • Brian Eshenaur, Ornamental IPM Educator, NYS IPM Program
  • Steve Frantz, Global Environmental Options (GEO), LLC
  • Matt Frye, Community IPM Educator, NYS IPM Program
  • Thomas Gallagher, Program Leader, CCE - Albany County
  • Jody Gangloff-Kaufmann, Community Coordinator, NYS IPM Program
  • Ron Gardner, Senior Extension Associate, Cornell Univ. Pesticide Management and Education Program
  • Jennifer Grant, Director, NYS IPM Program
  • Pam Hadad-Hurst, Special Assistant, NYS DEC, Commissioner's Policy Offfice
  • Laura Haight, Senior Environment Associate, NY Public Interest Research Group
  • Jon Hickey, Lehman Plant Care Co., Inc.
  • Wendy Hord, Health & Safety Specialist, NYS United Teachers
  • Richard Kammerling, RK Chemical Systems
  • Margaret Kelly, NYS Dept of Agriculture & Markets, Division of Plant Industry
  • Fred Koelbel, Port Jefferson School District
  • Betsy Lamb, Ornamental Coordinator, NYS IPM Program
  • Joellen Lampman, NYS IPM Program
  • James Leach, Research Scientist IV, NYS Dept. of Health, Bureau of Toxic Substance Assessment
  • Christopher Logue, Director, NYS Agriculture & Markets, Division of Plant Industry
  • Bob Meakin, President, NYS Wildlife Management Association
  • Scott Menrath, Director, Bureau of Pest Management, NYS DEC, Division of Materials Management
  • Yvette Mitchell, Public Health Representative, NYS Department of Health, Pesticide Poisoning Registry
  • Audrey Moore, Regional Ag Policy Specialist, US EPA, Region 2
  • Chuck O’Neill, CCE Invasive Species Program, NY Sea Grant
  • Tom Overton, Associate Director, Cornell Cooperative Extension, CALS Coop Ext Admin
  • Mary Roy, Environmental Program Specialist, NYS DEC
  • Laura Sahr, NYS Education Dept.
  • John Santacrose, Attorney at Law
  • Terry Schmitz, Broccolo Tree & Lawn Care
  • Beth Seme, NYS Turfgrass Assoc.
  • Daniel Sullivan, Fieldstone Secondary School
  • Carl Thurnau, Emergency Planning Liaison, NYS Education Department
  • Pat Voges, Government Affairs Chairman, Nassau/Suffolk Landscape Gardeners
  • Suzanne Wheatcraft, Rochester City School Dristrict, Environmental Health & Safety
  • Martin Williams, Bureau of Pest Management, NYS DEC, Division of Materials Management

Updated June 11, 2014