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NYSIPM Equity and Justice Statement

As part of Cornell Agriculture and Life Sciences, and Cornell Cooperative Extension, the New York State Integrated Pest Management Program promotes risk-reducing practices in agricultural and community settings.

We recognize lingering historical social injustices in indigenous communities, black communities, LGBTQ communities, and upon women, immigrants, and the economically disadvantaged.

The NYSIPM Program will continue active engagement in relationship- building and collaboration, and will support efforts to build diverse and equitable Integrated Pest Management programs statewide.

The NYSIPM staff commits to the following actions:

  • To support individuals from all backgrounds, races, ethnicities, gender identities, nations of origin, abilities, ages, religions, and economic classes.
  • To partner with other CALS/CCE programs to develop effective strategies to attract and retain talent from under-represented groups.
  • To improve inclusiveness in our work through ongoing discussion, reflection, training, and actions, and to examine our own roles in, and understanding of, systemic injustices.
  • To develop and promote tools and strategies supporting access to all individuals including in-person, printed, and web resources in multiple languages and literacy levels, and strive to enhance accessibility to our resources.
  • To be vocal advocates of the equal dignity and rights of all people, and to speak out against social injustice when we see it.

IPM is for everyone.