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NYSIPM Seeking Strategic Communications Planning

The NYS Integrated Pest Management Program at Cornell University is seeking a firm to perform a small communications project.

We would like to acquire the services of a qualified communications firm to:

  1. Analyze NYSIPM’s current and recent communications efforts for success in promoting the program’s mission to target audiences
  2. Develop strategic communications goals for NYSIPM for the next five years
  3. Provide building blocks for NYSIPM to create our own five year communications plan

Proposals are due April 26, 2019. Download the RFP here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions received regarding this proposal will be posted and answered here, for viewing by all potential applicants.

Q:  Is there a maximum bid for this project?
A:  No, but it is unlikely that proposals over $10,000 would be awarded the contract.

Q:  Are you only considering multi-person agencies?
A:   No. Qualified sole proprietor/contractors are welcome to apply.

Q:  Are you only considering applicants from New York State?
A:  No, but the 2 onsite visits might make the work cost prohibitive for distant contractors.

Q:  Can proposals be submitted by email?
A:  Yes, email submissions of proposals in either PDF or Word format are preferred.