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Jaime Cummings

NYS Livestock and Field Crops IPM Coordinator Candidate
Research and Extension Support Specialist II
Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology Section
Cornell University

SEMINAR: Diagnosis and Assessment of Diseases of Soybean in New York

April 11, 2018
10:00 am – 10:45 am
Plant Science G22
Soybean shows great economic promise in NY and the acreage in the region has expanded rapidly over the past 30 years.  Yet no systematic assessment of soybean diseases had been made in NY in recent decades and one was long overdue.  Emerging and re-emerging diseases are a continual threat to the sustainability of soybean and the profit margin for crop producers is often a narrow one.  Production of soybean is expanding to include more marginal, poorly drained soils in NY and this raises questions about the impact of diseases in stressful environments. New diseases arise and formerly minor diseases become more damaging on a regular basis, with soilborne diseases being of greatest concern.  A collaborative survey effort was made to scout for and document the occurrence of all soybean diseases identified in 33 counties over a period of six years.  Nine new diseases previously unknown to exist in NY were discovered as a result of this survey, including five major soilborne diseases and the soybean cyst nematode.  Results from this survey have been shared widely via extension meetings and distribution maps of each disease have been created and are now available as a soybean disease survey website on
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