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Defining IPM

Think IPM Brain
This poster shows how to apply IPM practices and principles to real-world challenges. Click the image for a free, downloadable 18" x 23" version.

IPM—integrated pest management—is your choice for solid science, sound solutions in dealing with pests. We promote safe, least-toxic solutions to both pest and pesticide problems.

What can IPM do for me? IPM helps you deal with pests—insects, plant diseases, weeds, and more—with methods that help keep health and environmental risks as low as possible while saving you money.

What’s in a name? IPM is integrated because it brings together, or integrates, a range of biological, organic, cultural, mechanical, and chemical options for pest problems. And it’s about management because you can only manage pests—you can’t eliminate them, no matter what people say. Although IPM used to focus on insect pests, the range now includes fungi, bacteria, viruses, weeds, wildlife, and more.

Integrated pest management rarely relies on just one tactic—it integrates tactics to prevent pests entirely or reduce them to levels you can live with.

Good science. Good sense. IPM.