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NYSIPM Equity and Justice Statement

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We recognize lingering historical social injustices in indigenous communities, Black communities, LGBTQ communities, and upon women, immigrants, and the economically disadvantaged. Read more ...

Have you Spotted Spotted Lanternfly? 

Report it!

Spotted lanternfly at different life stagesIf you find Spotted Lanternfly in New York, especially in an area where there isn't a known population:

  • Take pictures of the insect, egg masses, or infestations.
  • If possible, collect the insect. Place in a bag and freeze, or in a jar with rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer.
  • Note the location (street address and zip code, intersecting roads, landmarks, or GPS coordinates)
  • Send the information to New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets in one of these ways:

Learn More About Spotted Lanternfly

IPM is as broad as our selection of photos. On farms, vineyards, orchards; in schools, nursing homes, playgrounds; in your own home, lawn, or garden—IPM is foundational to sound, careful, economical ways of dealing with pests.

Our Mission: The New York State Integrated Pest Management Program develops sustainable ways to manage pests and helps people to use methods that minimize environmental, health, and economic risks.

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