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Found a cockroach? (Saw a GAZILLION?)  Don’t panic.

Why can’t I just spray?

Because roaches taste their food before eating it, they learn to avoid chemically treated surfaces. This habit limits the long-term effectiveness of some insecticides; also, roach eggs are not affected by pesticides. Aerosol sprays often make roaches scatter, so those that aren’t killed can return.

Integrated pest management (IPM) focuses on solving your current problem and preventing future invasions. Make your home unfit for roaches–fix the problem at its source–or you’ll likely welcome roaches again.

Can’t I live with a few roaches?

Perhaps they don’t disgust or embarrass you, but there are good reasons to exclude cockroaches from your home. A cockroach will travel through many types of wastes then walk over, and defecate on, your kitchen counters, plates, silverware, and any accessible food. Cockroaches are known to carry disease-causing bacteria, although their ability to transmit diseases to humans is under study. They’re still a significant health concern because they trigger allergies that contribute to asthma.

Finding even one roach warrants alertness. All roach problems start small, but roaches reproduce rapidly, so early intervention is highly recommended.